XenForo 1.5.10

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XenForo 1.5.10

В новой версии исправлены некоторые ошибки, их список (на английском):
Add several language code/locale options for pages.
Fix a situation where white space may not be maintained 100% when pasting code/pre-formatted into the rich text editor.
Add a 1000 user limit to ignoring to prevent potential errors.
Ensure that poll resetting/deleting is logged correctly.
Automatically adjust uploaded image extensions to match their type (rather than throwing an error).
Change NoCaptcha requests to POST to prevent a possible regular expression failure.
Fix an issue with automatic vendor prefixing in the CSS when using @supports.
Fix a timezone related issue when displaying stats output.
Adjust the meta description of member profiles to handle missing components better.
Prevent an error in the phpBB 3.1 importer relating to timezones.

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